Open 7 Days a Week
10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
252 Manomet Point Road,
Plymouth, MA
(508) 224 - 5700
Providing the best quality seafood in Plymouth for over
50 years!
Family owned business through 3 generations
About Us
The Lobster Pound was founded by Frank Collins and Bill Callahan in 1963. Bill brought Frank into the lobster business in 1955, when Frank worked for him at the Lobster Mart of Plymouth. Now, fifty years later, Frank continues his passion for fresh lobster and seafood and has included his children and grandchildren in the family business. His son Thomas and daughter Megan now serve as Officers in the company.

Located on historic Manomet Point, The Lobster Pound operates at a location that is no stranger to fresh seafood. The first fish market opened on the Point in 1937. However, it is The Lobster Pound that has truly capitalized on its surroundings.

Manomet Point provides The Lobster Pound a rare and unique advantage over other fish markets-- fresh, non-harbor ocean water. Today, we operate a state-of-the-art system that pumps water directly into our facility from the ocean. We are capable of holding up to 30,000 pounds in our chilled tanks. The ability to utilize the precious resource of the pristine Atlantic waters that surround our business allow for us to ensure that our quality is unmatched!

Aside from housing New England lobsters, we also carry a variety of fresh local and seasonal seafood products. The experience and knowledge of the Collins family has been passed down to our management team, and together they work to ensure that only the highest quality seafood is selected.

Open year-round, The Lobster Pound provides unparalleled quality at a historic and unique location.